Anthropology Case Study by Mentors4IAS
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Anthropology Case Study by Mentors4IAS


Dear students, Here is a list of case study compiled from different sources. Go through them, and make note of them in relevant sections of your material. Don’t restrict their use to any one particular topic. Keep them generic, so that they can be used under different topics. For Example: JUANG TRIBE… this tribe can be used as a case study for following topics ® Health issues in tribes: They suffer from acute malnutrition ® Geographical distribution of tribes: Odisha- Nagada Hills, ® PVTG tribe example ® Linguistic classification: Juang language- Austro Asiatic language ® Infrastructure problem: Poor ® Forest rights: FRA- not implemented ® Bonded labour system locally called goti You don’t have to memorise them, go through them and make a conscious effort to integrate them, while you read your notes. Let it organically link your answers. Make effort to explain issues/concepts/tribal problems with these case studies. However, be warned, don’t make case study the center of your answer. This can be counterproductive. Use them as per the demand of your answer. All the best Dr Arjun Bopanna.


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